ARS Youth Connect Program (YCP) to be held in Boston – November 5

When the ARS of Eastern U.S.A. held their annual ARS Youth Connect Program (YCP) at New York University earlier in March this year, the Board of Regional Directors was quite impressed with it. So much so that they have decided to launch yet another installment of the program in Boston this coming November.


Attendees at the ARS Youth Connect Program (YCP) at New York University

The program will be held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with the support of the co-sponsor, MIT Armenian Society. Various lectures, workshops and discussions at the Institute on November 5.

The program, entitled “Roots and Wings,” will have several lectures focusing on investigative journalism and Armenian identity. There will also be workshops on Armenian folk dance and Armenian genealogy. There will be a discussion with the Director of the ARS YCP, Dr. Khatchig Mouradian.

Among the guest speakers and workshop leaders, guest can expect to see the multi-award-winning investigative reporter, Steve Kurkjian, as well as George Aghjayan who will be leading the Armenian demographic workshop. For those interested in folk dancing, Taleen Mardirosson will be leading that workshop.

Stephen Kurkjian has won the Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism on three occasions during his career with the Boston Globe. He is the son of an Armenian Genocide survivor and is now retired. Kurkjian graduated from Boston Latin School, Boston University, and Suffolk University Law School. He started working for the Boston Globe in 1968 and during his forty years which he spent there; he went from being a staff reporter to founding member and eventually the Chief of the investigative Spotlight Team as well Chief of their Washington Bureau.

George Aghjayan’s specialty lies in the demographics of Western Armenia. He has written many articles and book chapters on this topic, focusing on the demographics of historic Armenian villages and towns. He regularly contributes to the Armenian Weekly and Houshamadyan.org. Aghjayan currently resides with his wife in Westminster, Massachusetts.

Taleen Mardirossian is a Los Angeles attorney who is currently busy with an MFA in creative writing at Columbia University. She is passionate about dancing and sharing it with others.

Dr. Khatchig Mouradian is the Henry S. Khanzadian Kazan Visiting Professor at California State University in Fresno and also a visiting scholar at the Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights (CGHR) at Rutgers University. He currently works as the coordinator at Rutgers University for their Armenian Genocide Program.

captureFor those interested:

The full-day program starts at 9 a.m. in MIT’s building 3, room 270. The campus map is available on https://whereis.mit.edu/

Remember that registration is mandatory. The twenty dollar registration fee will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner/social event. Register now at www.arseastusa.org/donate and select the Youth Connect Program tab.

The program is open to all Armenian college students between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age.