Halloween in Armenia

October 31 marks the day of the annual Halloween celebrations enjoyed in numerous countries across the globe dating back to old traditions of the Celts who lived in Ireland and Scotland. With its traditional black and orange colors, it is celebrated as a holiday in many countries with a range of festivities including parties, festivals, and fireworks displays.

captureMost common of all is the “trick or treat’ activity which sees children run from door to door in search of a sweet treat. Not forgetting the symbol of Halloween, a scary face carved into a pumpkin, known as Jack-o’-lantern which is said to offer protection from evil.

But what exactly do Armenians feel about this particular day? Some say there is a lack of “feast culture” and Armenians long for any celebration. In the case of Halloween, a holiday with no value to Armenians, it can fill this gap.

captureClergyman, Ghevond Mayilan considers Halloween to be a satanic holiday, saying that the Christian church does not support a holiday which celebrates the return of the dead. Opinions tend to vary, with others standing for globalization and would prefer that Halloween is celebrated in Armenia.

Founder of, an entertainment media agency, Levon Zarafyan mentioned that many clubs across Armenia had been preparing for the holiday last year a few days in advance with many events scheduled for Halloween. He says a Halloween party is something different for people to do and have fun doing even though it is not considered a holiday in Armenia.