Turned and Sculpted Wood 2016 featuring Nairi Safaryan’s great woodwork

An exhibition of contemporary wood art is opening from October 28 till November 28. It will showcase wood art works of more than 30 internationally recognized artists from all over the world including works of Armenian woodcarver Nairi Safaryan and his daughter, award-winning artist Larisa Safaryan. The exhibition can be viewed online at It will be curated by Larisa Safarayan herself, in association with the Wood Symphony Gallery. The exhibition will be dedicated to the wonderful world of wood craft and carving mastery, perfect for art lovers of that kind.

While the works of other artists will be exhibited as well, Nairi Safaryan’s works lie at the heart of the exhibition. His stunning works are a combination of fine techniques and a keen eye. By looking at them, one may only admire the level of creativity and artistry that this artist is able to create. The soul of infinite imagination and patience can be felt in his beautiful carvings. While the fine finishing touches speak of Nairi Safaryan’s boundless devotion to his art, the deep layers and what lies behind the designs is what makes the artist unique and master of his work. One may only wonder how those rough pieces of wood can be furnished into thin and delicate masterpieces. No wonder, why Nairi Safaryan’s works are being exhibited in famous museums and galleries all over the world.

Besides his works, his background and history are what catches the eye too. Perhaps the love towards art comes from early childhood. Born in the town of Sushi, Artsakh region of Armenia, Nairi Safaryan grew up in the surrounding of carved wooden toys. He often remembers carving chalk sculptures himself. Although later he studied engineering and worked as an engineer, he never left his hobby of carving. In fact, he used his keen engineering skills to create unbelievable art pieces.

Like father like daughter, Larisa Safaryan inherited her father’s passion towards art. Larisa was born in Yerevan, Armenia, currently residing and working in California, USA. She, as well, never attended an art school, but her inspirational carvings on egg shells prove that art should come from one’s soul. Her education and degrees are far from the world of art, but her works speak of the true love of an artist.